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    • Release Agent Tank

      Contact NowRelease Agent TankFunction characteristic: Because the product has the high cementation performance, to prevent the product particles cementing the steel belt, so smudge the release agent on the steel belt surface, this kind of release agent is the silicone oil emulsion, is the emulsification with the water and...Read More

    • Steel Belt

      Contact NowSteel BeltGranulator for steel belt and the difference between non-exclusive steel belt SHANGHAI REBO GRANULATOR company limited based on the principle of responsibility, Only recommend customers use granulator for steel belt. Granulator exclusive and non-exclusive steel belt in the manufacturing process...Read More

    • Product Filter

      Contact NowProduct Filterproduct Filter national patent, patent number: 2009200694799 The filter is double coil type. The filtering basket adopts quick-remove style, which is convenient to be taken from the filter. The basket comprises three composite members, namely basket gland, basket strainer and basket plate. The...Read More

    • Release Agent

      Contact NowRelease AgentREBO Granulator Agent (RB-4) The RB-4 Agent is a kind of emulsion containing surfactant, the product can effectively prevent the adhesion of sulfur and belt surface in the sulfur production process, prevent the wear of equipment scraper, reduce the material moisture, reduce the wear of the belt...Read More

    • Drop Former Stator Shaft

      Contact NowDrop Former Stator ShaftThe stator is a partially biased circular column stick, inside which there is a material trough and two hot medium channels for heating and heat insulation. The material enters the material trough and is discharged by the metering bar. The two hot medium channels use heat conducting oil or hot...Read More

    • Drop Former Rotating Shell

      Contact NowDrop Former Rotating ShellThe rotating shell is a very thin sleeve. There are many small sharp nozzle holes on its outside surface, which are arranged in certain form. The metering bar drops material on the uniformly operating steel belt. At both sides of the sleeve, there are sleeve drive flanges.Read More

    • Product Receiver

      Contact NowProduct ReceiverThe Receiver (National Patent, Patent Number: 2009200694784) The receiver uses jacketed type, which is mainly used to connect the stator and the metal hose. Besides, it also has two functions. One is that it can match stator's rotation because in order to get high-quality drop particles, the...Read More

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