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    • Drop Former Metering Bar
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      Drop Former Metering Bar

      Production inside the stator needs to distribute uniformly, which can be completed by the metering bar. The metering bar is installed in the distributing trough of the stator. The high viscosity metering bar is for high viscosity production. The low viscosity metering bar is...Read More
    • Drop Former Rotating Shell
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      Drop Former Rotating Shell

      The rotating shell is a very thin sleeve. There are many small sharp nozzle holes on its outside surface, which are arranged in certain form. The metering bar drops material on the uniformly operating steel belt. At both sides of the sleeve, there are sleeve drive flanges.Read More
    • Drop Former Stator Shaft
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      Drop Former Stator Shaft

      The stator is a partially biased circular column stick, inside which there is a material trough and two hot medium channels for heating and heat insulation. The material enters the material trough and is discharged by the metering bar. The two hot medium channels use heat...Read More
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