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China's machine tool industry will enter a depth adjustment

Edit: Shanghai Rebo Granulator Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 07, 2016

In recent years, China's machine tool industry after the Sun and the wind and rain, the twists, the situation can still say hi when worried, but the industry as a whole is sustainable development. Meanwhile we should see that the structural excess of production capacity, product and industry adjustment and the challenges posed by the changes in market demand will be the main feature of the industry for some time to come. Machine tool industry is personalized, professional and specialized features more and more prominent, private process service customization, design, life becoming more professional. So judging from the advances in machine tool industry, key enterprises of remarkable progress in the development of innovation, adaptability, we have not many do, dare to do development on how to do it better and more meet the deep needs of users, development can be said to be a qualitative progress of industry!

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